Saphyre offers a rich suite of tools and many clients prefer to work directly within our platform.

But we’re big believers that your data and documents belong to you, so they should be easily portable.

Therefore, we’ve subscribed to a design principle of interoperability where Saphyre acts like the Windows Operating System of finance. You can browse the web via the default Internet Explorer, but are free to use Chrome or Firefox as you see fit.

Memory & Intelligence

We all know there is a serious amount of redundancy in finance, and frankly we know it’s unnecessary.

Saphyre currently has 67 patents to help aggregate metadata to maintain memory and avoid these redundancies – One-Time Data Entry. One-Time Document Share.

Saphyre is also more than just a paper form online. We map the entered data and push it through to trading and post-trade activities so that by using Saphyre in pre-trade, you’re receiving a three for one deal – with substantive benefits in trading and post-trade.

Seeing Is Believing

In some cases, in order to prove the value of the intelligent client reference data we assemble, we build the optimal way ourselves within Saphyre in order to have the experience best represented.

We can still connect this intelligent data to other applications, so why bother building one ourselves? Because talking about the vision isn’t the same thing has tangibly demonstrating it, without the proof most people just don’t believe it’s possible.