We are an experienced financial team who created a streamlined FinTech/RegTech communication platform to speed processes in order to help our clients achieve revenue faster.

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Saphyre is powered by our exclusive, patent-pending technology for workflow management and metadata tagging/tracking of documents, ATTOM (AI Tracking of Transactions and Operational Metadata).


Corporate/Institutional Onboarding

Digitizes onboarding and doc collection for pension funds, trusts, and corporate clients

AI Document Management

Artificial Intelligence tracks legal entities, funds, products and investors associated with all documents and auto-prompts users

Fund Onboarding

Funds and product launches for 10,000s of accounts at a time (or one by one)

SSI Auto-Enrichment

Eliminates separate sell-side databases and shortening 5+ hours of manual labor by sell side firms.

Legal Agreement Workflow

Tracks the work of legal teams and automatically updates your respective client onboardings

Bulk NAV/AUM Valuation Updates

Ability to bulk upload valuations data and giving your counterparties the ability to consume them in any customizable way

Credit Risk Workflow

Loop in your credit teams to validate credit based financials and valuations data as part of the pre-trade life-cycle

Client Confirmations

Obtain automatic document & data refresh updates from your clients, or notify them about their account statuses

Custody Workflow

Includes custodians in, as well as speeds, the end-to-end pre-trade onboarding experience


Performance status tracking of all onboarding/pre-trade activities with export to spreadsheet features


The solutions out there have only addressed the sell-side, with no real value add for the buy-side. This solution is the first time we have something we want to use with our counterparties.

- Top Tier Broker

This is the best buy-side solution we’ve seen in the market.

- Top Tier Asset Manager

We need this kind of transparency, control, and management. The client onboarding process is getting longer with the increasing amount of requirements and there isn’t a tool to help us cohesively address it until this.

- Top Tier Custodian